With AnyHand we want to increase the therapy time for hand patients. In addition to using our device in the therapy practice or rehabilitation clinic, this includes using AnyHand at home. Especially the restrictions caused by the corona pandemic have once again highlighted the potential of such an application. To ensure that patients are optimally accompanied at home, we are currently developing a telemedical app.

As a complement to AnyHand, patients at home can answer questions about their well-being, training behaviour and pain level on their smartphone or tablet. In addition, the application tracks which training exercises are performed and how they contribute to the patient’s overall condition. Apart from using AnyHand, there are also exercises within the app, for example concerning neurocognitive rehabilitation.

The training behaviour and associated questions not only provide information about the condition of the injured hand, but also reflect the patient's motivation, agility, and self-confidence. For example, the patient indicates his pain level on a scale, and answers text questions about his motivation. If the patient reports more pain or his motivation for the training decreases, the app gives a hint to the attending physician or therapist and can recommend making an appointment at the practice. In this way check-up appointments no longer must take place at a standardized rhythm but could be based on the patient's specific needs. Both sides can save time and resources and therapy becomes much more individual.

With its digital health approach, the app encourages doctors, therapists, and patients to work very closely together because they are constantly connected with each other. Even during long training phases from home, the patient is "taken by the hand". The main goal of this increased connection is to raise the motivation to consistently perform exercises.

After our AnyHand has recently received the CE mark, we are currently evaluating the first draft for the app’s user interface. By the way, we are still looking for a suitable name - do you have a creative idea?