First Steps towards the USA

/ Jan 07, 2021

LIME accepted by German Accelerator "Empowering German Startups to Scale Globally" is German Accelerator’s slogan. The program aims at German startups that have already shown some promising success in Germany and have the potential to succeed internationally, too. We are very pleased to announce that the German Accelerator selection committee has attested LIME such potential: We…


LIME is expanding ... to Mombach!

/ Dec 08, 2020

LIME has been looking for a new, larger office for several weeks now. For our constantly growing team, the office at Neubrunnenplatz in Mainz has slowly been becoming too small. In Mombach we found what we were looking for: near “Halle 45”, easily accessible from the city centre, a large office space is currently being…


You need a team to achieve the best for your patients

/ Dec 01, 2020

The final part of our series of expert interviews on AnyHand’s application in hand therapy practices. Since the CE certification in May, we carried out seven product trials - fortunately before the second corona wave currently prevents further appointments. Anna-Lena Avenius, physiotherapist with a focus on hand therapy, talks about the first treatments with AnyHand,…


"The patient must become an expert for his hand"

/ Nov 13, 2020

In October, AnyHand was tested in the practice of hand therapist Beate Jung and her team in Munich. In our interview she talks about the importance of patient education and the possible applications of AnyHand. Let's start with your choice of profession: Why are you a hand therapist?When I took my exams as an occupational…


AnyHand Update Simplifies Therapy

/ Nov 06, 2020

During AnyHand's latest product trials we were able to collect valuable feedback from specialized hand therapists. These experiences have been incorporated into the latest AnyHand update. In this article we want to tell you about the changes and how they make the handling of our hand therapy robot even easier. The main goal was to…


"AnyHand has proven its right to be used"

/ Oct 30, 2020

Recently we had the opportunity to interview Jürgen Mack, a physiotherapist from Ulm, Germany. A few weeks before, he and his practice team were able to take a closer look at AnyHand in one-day product trial. However, the interview is not only about our hand therapy robot, but also about the motivation for hand therapy…


LIME reports on first patient applications

/ Oct 23, 2020

About two weeks ago, LIME participated in the hand congress of the German Society for Hand Surgery (DGH) and German Working Group for Hand Therapy (DAHTH) in Münster. The most important innovation we could present about AnyHand is the approval as a medical device granted in May. The CE certification now allows the treatment of…


The fourth LIME year

/ Oct 12, 2020

On October 10th, 2016, the history of LIME began with its foundation in Bad Kreuznach. Four years later, the Neubrunnenplatz in Mainz is our Head Quarter, which is about to become to small for our growing team. During the past week, the Hand Congress of the German Association for Hand Therapy (DAHTH) and the German…


AnyHand’s app accompanies patients even at home

/ Jul 27, 2020

With AnyHand we want to increase the therapy time for hand patients. In addition to using our device in the therapy practice or rehabilitation clinic, this includes using AnyHand at home. Especially the restrictions caused by the corona pandemic have once again highlighted the potential of such an application. To ensure that patients are optimally…


The next milestone: First patients train with AnyHand

/ Jun 17, 2020

After we had received the long-awaited CE certification for our AnyHand a few weeks ago, the first patients could now to test our device: The occupational therapy practice Odenthal in Neuss is specialized in hand rehabilitation and was one of the most important contacts for feedback during the development. Therefore we are more than happy…


We did it! Our AnyHand is a certified medical product

/ May 18, 2020

Since the foundation of LIME, we have been working on improving hand therapy with intelligent technology. The certification of our AnyHand is one of the biggest steps in this direction: After several labour-intensive phases, we are now allowed to mark AnyHand with CE. The certification is the last big step before entering the market, because…


Videocall instead of coffee break small talk

/ Apr 01, 2020

We only know the office from memories, we miss eating falafel together during our lunch break and Zoom replaces the over-the-desk conversation. In order to stay focussed on the progress of the company while at the home office, our daily stand-up call shakes us awake every morning. For more than two weeks now, we have…