Videocall instead of coffee break small talk

/ Apr 01, 2020

We only know the office from memories, we miss eating falafel together during our lunch break and Zoom replaces the over-the-desk conversation. In order to stay focussed on the progress of the company while at the home office, our daily stand-up call shakes us awake every morning. For more than two weeks now, we have…


New impulses from cognitive rehabilitation

/ Jan 27, 2020

Last week we had the opportunity to have Birgit Rauchfuß and Johanna Ismaier from the Association for Cognitive Rehabilitation (in German: Verein für kognitive Rehabilitation, VFCR) for an internal training course. They took a lot of time not only to explain the therapy methods to us but also to carry out the exercises with us.…


Visions for a next-generation hand orthotic

/ Dec 05, 2019

Our trainee Marcin Ciesielczuk sums up his experience at LIME Marcin was working as a trainee with us in August and did a lot of research on artificial muscles. This material responds to different stimuli and can contract or expand just as natural muscles do – and is therefore perfect for a therapy device that…


"We’d need something to keep the hand in motion..."

/ Nov 16, 2018

- an interview with Dr. Eric Hanke, hand surgeon at the University Hospital Mainz, about potential development in after-treatment of hand injuries The team is sitting in the conference room, the mobile phone is set to record, still mineral water splashes into the glasses. It rings. Dr. Hanke has arrived - bicycle shoes, checked shorts,…