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Intensified hand therapy in your practice or clinic

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More therapy resources

You have more patients than you can treat because staff resources are limited and specialised hand therapists are hard to find. By using AnyHand, you create another resource: allow patients more therapy time, bridge staff shortages and equalise the schedule of your therapeutic team.

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Your house as a hand focal point

It is not easy to stand out from the multitude of individual practices and clinics. AnyHand, as a pioneering and unique product on the hand therapy robotics market, offers your practice or clinic this opportunity. Establish yourself as an innovative institution and provide your patients with modern, intensified movement therapy.

Less documentation - more therapy time

A not insignificant part of your therapists' working time is spent on documenting the sessions. AnyHand supports the process in two ways: on the one hand, it automatically documents the therapy sessions and creates helpful overviews of the patients' progress. On the other hand, it can be used for warming up before therapy: While the AnyHand already starts with the mobilisation, your therapist devotes himself/herself to the important documentation.

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The full therapeutic spectrum

Mobilising hand patients is a physically demanding task. Therefore, quite a few hand therapists suffer from degenerative diseases of the hand themselves in the course of their professional years. The AnyHand takes over the strenuous mobilisation - thereby relieving your therapists' own hands and also enabling them to provide their patients with their full therapeutic spectrum.

The AnyHand at a glance

Dr. Eric Hanke Hand Surgery Uni Mainz

There is no product on the market that can move patients' fingers as naturally as the AnyHand. LIME will be able to improve hand therapy in such a sustainable way.

Dr Eric Hanke

Head of Hand Surgery at the University Hospital Mainz

The lateral guidance of each individual finger on the AnyHand is anatomically favourable, the pivot point close to the joint and thus the load on the respective joint is very low.

Beate Jung

Hand therapist and owner of the Ergo Jung practice in Munich

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Frequently asked questions from doctors

The AnyHand is basically suitable for the follow-up treatment of hand injuries to bones, tendons and ligaments. It can also be used for burns, Dupuytren's disease and CRPS, for example. In each case, the individual case is decisive. You can find more information in the product demonstration or in the instructions for use.

Therapy with the AnyHand can start within one minute. This makes it suitable for shorter therapy sessions or, for example, for warm-up or warm-down training. HERE you can find a video that shows you how to start therapy quickly.

The AnyHand can be used in the clinic or practice on site as well as at home. However, as home use cannot yet be prescribed by the health insurance system, the AnyHand has so far mainly been used in clinics or practices on site. We are working hard to have the home use of AnyHand included in the catalogue of the health insurance funds. 

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