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LIME is a young and award-winning startup from Mainz. Revolutionize with us hand therapy worldwide through intelligent robotics and eneble stroke and accident patients to return to their everyday lives more quickly.

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Your profile 

  1. Informatics ThesisYou love great technology, are excited about the future and want to leave a footprint.
  2. Informatics ThesisYou're committed, takte the initiative, deliver results and take us to the next level.
  3. Informatics ThesisYou are smart and creative. You question the state of the art and contribute your opinion.
  4. Informatics ThesisNew challanges are no problem. You have courage, learn quickly and master the situation.
  5. Informatics ThesisIdeally, you already have experience in programming games and unitiy.

What we offer

  1. Informatics ThesisBe part of the mission, take responsibility and grow with us.
  2. Informatics ThesisInspiring and motivating team in which arguments count more than positions.
  3. Informatics ThesisGrow through continous learning with courses, mentoring and feedback.
  4. Informatics ThesisDecide when and where you work. Achive goals in your own way. In the end it's the result that counts.
  5. Informatics ThesisOpen office in the centre of Mainz with good coffee, cold drinks and snacks.

Your tasks

You work togehter with us on the heart of the system: the software. It controlls the therapy, records the progress of the patients and evaluates it. In this way, we can encourage patients and objectively show that they are on the right track. Gamification is used to increase fun and motivation. Become part of the mission and implement your own ideas and feedback from Germany's most experienced physicians into the next prototype.  

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Informatics Thesis

Pascal Lindemann

Human Resources

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