LIME has been looking for a new, larger office for several weeks now. For our constantly growing team, the office at Neubrunnenplatz in Mainz has slowly been becoming too small. In Mombach we found what we were looking for: near “Halle 45”, easily accessible from the city centre, a large office space is currently being renovated.

As the renovation will continue for several months, we were able to see part of the premises last week, which will later be converted into a space for storage and repairs. In the previous office in Große Bleiche, only a small storage room was available for Service & Repairs. The move is therefore an important step in preparing this department for the sale of the first AnyHands.

Service & Repair will become increasingly important as the first batch of AnyHands is already in production and can be delivered to the first therapy practices and clinics in the foreseeable future. If any problem with one of the devices arises during use, our telephone service will be the first step to support the customer. Software problems can often be solved by our IT team dialing into the system and correcting the error there. In the event of mechanical damage, AnyHand would be sent to our newly occupied service rooms and be repaired there. To ensure uninterrupted therapy in the regarding therapy practice, a replacement unit will be sent there as soon as possible. 

From now on, AnyHands can be repaired in the new Service & Repair department

"It is imperative that the service is ready to work as soon as the first products are delivered. Even though we hope for as few complaints as possible, it is extremely important that the service structures are already in place. The new premises are an important element," says Fabian, who has been working in this area for several months now.

The Service & Repair department will be equipped with an Electrostatic Discharge Equipment (ESD) - it prevents electronic components of AnyHand from being damaged by electrostatic discharge. This can be assured by wearing special dissipative clothing, laying out special table and floor sheets and using tools that dissipate the charge before it can damage any components.

So much for our storage and repair room. We are looking forward to showing you the newly renovated office space in the coming months!