Additional therapy time for patients.


High repetition


 Automatic size adjustment

Digital history 


Natural movements. Guided. Splinted

The patented finger mechanism of the AnyHand allows natural movements in an almost complete range of motion. The physiological joint axes are mapped by the three robotic joints per finger. The finger base joint is gently treated in an elliptical roll-slide-motion. 

3 mm

durable carbon

soft silicone


Automatic size adjustment. In a few seconds. For any hand.

If more therapy time improves the outcome, why should we waste it? 

The fully automatic size adjustment saves time because the therapy can start immediatly. With a patented mechanism, the AnyHand automatically adjusts to the individual finger lenths, hand width and thumb position after an initial adjustment. 


Documentation of progress. Automatic. Motivating.

All movements are measured and documented. The patient's progress can be presented vividly. Beyond the pure information purpose for doctor and therapist, the visual representation motivates the patient and encourages further training. 


Safety First. Safety Second.

Silicone holder

Lets the patient pull his hand out easily


Ends the therapy prematurely if necessary


Permanently monitors all forces


Controls, similar to a touch screen, whether a hand is resting on the ground or not

Force sensor

Feels when the patient squeezes or twitches

Product demonstration

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