On October 10th, 2016, the history of LIME began with its foundation in Bad Kreuznach. Four years later, the Neubrunnenplatz in Mainz is our Head Quarter, which is about to become to small for our growing team.

During the past week, the Hand Congress of the German Association for Hand Therapy (DAHTH) and the German Society for Hand Surgery (DGH) was taking place in Münster. The presentation of AnyHand differed from previous fairs: The Hand Congress is the first trade fair where we could refer to AnyHand’s CE certification.

The certification was certainly the greatest success in LIME's fourth year. But it had even more to offer: Just about a year ago, the Technical University of Kaiserslautern honored us with special prize during the Pioniergeist competition by the ISB bank. In January, we shot our first professional image film and in the past few weeks, the first tests of the AnyHand took place, where hand patients could receive first therapies on a trial basis.

This sums up LIME's milestones as a start-up. What do our team members think?

For Timos, the LIME highlight of the year is our big team growth: Since the middle of the year, Fabian in Service and Andi in Business Development have been supporting us and will both write their bachelor theses about LIME related topics. Mathias joined us in summer as a Data Scientist and develops additions to AnyHand that can be integrated into the app. And finally, Désirée switched from a working student to an employee. We want to take the opportunity to welcome again our new team members: We are very happy that you share our mission!

If you ask Dominic, the CE certification is the main milestone for him: "We worked towards this from day one. In May, when we had the certificate in our hands - that was really a great moment!” Andi's biggest highlight were two decisive mouse clicks: recently he sent off the extensive applications for the German Accelerator and the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator, which he had spent many weeks working on. The EIC promotes innovative start-ups in the EU and the German Accelerator supports German start-ups in entering the US market.

For Désirée, a central achievement took place only days ago: For the hand congress in Münster, we wanted to update the trade fair booth and produced a new print for the illuminated wall. Since the CE now allows therapy on patients, it was essential to have a photo of the AnyHand with a hand inserted. "Being able to present the AnyHand in action on a two by two meters wall makes the project even more real.”

As you can see: we are motivated for the challenges of the next months! Let’s take the opportunity of our 4-year anniversary to thank our numerous supporters - committed people in hand therapy and surgery, partners in various fields and of course our friends and families!