We only know the office from memories, we miss eating falafel together during our lunch break and Zoom replaces the over-the-desk conversation. In order to stay focussed on the progress of the company while at the home office, our daily stand-up call shakes us awake every morning. For more than two weeks now, we have been setting daily targets together, reporting on the tasks we completed the day before and discussing how to eliminate possible bottlenecks.

Due to the current ban on contact, especially our sales department had to adapt to the new situation. A deal without a handshake? We have already found alternatives to classic sales appointments so that talks with interested clinics and practices can continue.

Hand therapists are also clearly feeling the epidemic: Patients are no longer coming for occupational and physiotherapy because they fear infection. A physiotherapist from Hamburg calculates that most practices could hardly be kept upright for more than four weeks if the clientele is absent.

The crisis makes it very clear how important telemedicine is. It is and remains a top focus of our work, because we want to make it possible for patients to use the AnyHand at home. In the current situation, this would be a great benefit: Motion therapy could continue without restrictions, the therapist would follow the progress through the app and be available digitally for questions.

That's why we will stay on the ball and wish you all the best of health!