Daniel Sieg recently completed his bachelor 's in B.Sc. Physical Engineering at LIME. In our interview, he talks about start-up dynamics and how he is going to continue his career.

Searching for the right company

In 2018, Daniel was about to complete his B.Sc. in Physical Engineering at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences and was looking for a company to realize his final step to the degree, the bachelor's thesis. His focus is on the development of medical technology, so Daniel was browsing through the homepage of the University Hospital Mainz. There, he came across LIME. "Before applying, you check some basic questions: Who are the bosses? What is the background? And in such a young start-up, where the founders are younger than me, these questions were really interesting to answer. Finally, I just applied to find out. When I visited the office for the first time, it immediately became clear to me that they had enough knowledge and competence so I could write the thesis here."

A challenging job interview

During the job interview Daniel has been challenged: "That was very different from what I am used to! Every half an hour I got new tasks and then we had a brainstorming session together." He mastered this special kind of job interview and the working student position was converted into a thesis.

"Idea beats position"

The fact that there were no graduate engineers on site to supervise the work was no problem. The university provided Daniel with two professors, with whom he discussed the state of development at greater intervals. Additionally, there were weekly meetings with Pascal and Dominic to check the status quo. The good atmosphere within the team contributed enormously to the quality of these discussions. "At LIME, the hierarchy doesn't count. If you are able to represent your opinion and point out why you find something particularly important, idea beats position". 

Independent problem solving

What's the difference between working in a large company and a young start-up? "You have to be open to the fact that many processes are still in a maturing phase and constantly being optimized. You just give things a go and learn by experience. Since I didn’t have my professors by my site all the time, I often had to search for information myself and build up my own knowledge. This independent problem solving takes longer, but the learning effect is much greater". Daniel already knew the standards for the development of a medical product from his studies,  but now he had the chance to put them into practice. "In other companies, entire departments deal with this topic - and I might not have come into contact with this task at all."

"You're involved in something completely new"

Daniel was also able to work on a very extensive topic at LIME, that goes far beyond the mere processing of a series of experiments. “It takes initiative and you have to find out by yourself what is going to be the next step.” After finishing the thesis, the work doesn’t disappear into a drawer or a bookshelf, but serves to implement a therapy device. It is intended to cover a further phase of hand therapy after the patient has already made progress in the range of motion through training with LIME's AnyHand. The practical implementation and the added value for the hand therapy motivated Daniel: "The fact that I can really help people is a very important aspect for me. You're involved in something completely new that is just enfolding."

Among classical research in books or magazines, Daniel's expertise in hand therapy has come from interviews with occupational therapists. This practical input, e.g. from Anette Philipp, enables not only himself but the whole team to find tailor-made solutions for everyday therapy.

Recently, Daniel also received the grades for his bachelor thesis: In the written part he can be happy about the perfect grade of 1.0 and achieved a 1.3 in the oral defence - congratulations on this great achievement! In addition, we are very pleased that he will stay with the team - Daniel will continue to supervise his project and develop it to market maturity and will now also take care of the quality management system.

"Exciting, independent and meaningful" - this is how he would summarize his work at LIME in three attributes. And he also recommends other graduates to apply if they are looking for a challenging topic in which you can contribute your own ideas to a high degree. "Of course, the surroundings were just perfect - we are a cool team of young people who have a lot of fun and really like coming to work every morning.”

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