For better hand therapy.

LIME uses pioneering technology to create new therapy time and close the growing gap in follow-up care.
For better hand therapy.
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Hand therapy with AnyHand

Automatic size adjustment, natural movement and assistive therapy through intelligent sensor technology.

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Improve hand therapy sustainably

Innovative medical technology company with a strong team and a clear mission. Learn more about us.

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Expert opinions

What hand therapy experts say about the AnyHand

Dr. Eric Hanke Hand Surgery Uni Mainz

There is no product on the market that can move patients' fingers as naturally as the AnyHand. LIME will be able to improve hand therapy in such a sustainable way.

Dr Eric Hanke

Head of Hand Surgery at the University Hospital Mainz

With the AnyHand, amazingly natural finger movements are possible. Patients will return to their everyday life faster due to the additional therapy time.

Anette Philipp

Practice management occupational therapy odenthal neuss

Anette Philipp
LM1 MK D 2012 Anna Lena Avenius quadrat 01 DE

No other product has convinced me as much as a hand therapist: the AnyHand is the implementation of what was developed as the ideal concept for hand injuries.

Anna-Lena Avenius

Hand therapist and owner of the Physioavenius practice in Hockenheim

The lateral guidance of each individual finger on the AnyHand is anatomically favourable, the pivot point close to the joint and thus the load on the respective joint is very low.

Beate Jung

Hand therapist and owner of the Ergo Jung practice in Munich


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