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Your advantages at a glance

More of the important movement therapy

Individual therapy several times a day - every day

It can be difficult to find a hand therapy practice near you. In addition, your health insurance prescription limits you to a few therapy sessions per week. But especially in exercise therapy, it is true that a lot helps a lot. AnyHand and AnyTrack support you in carrying out your individual exercise programme outside the therapy practice - and thus benefit from additional therapy time.

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A clear therapy plan for at home

In the therapy session in the practice, the sequence of the unit is clearly structured. You perform the exercises under the supervision of therapeutic professionals. But implementing the learned exercises at home is anything but easy. LIME products guide you through a daily therapy programme that your therapist has defined individually with you beforehand.

Visible successes

Often the road back to everyday life after a hand injury is a long one - you may sometimes have the impression of treading water. Our products automatically collect your training data and show you clearly and objectively what progress you are making. Even small successes become tangible and motivate you to keep at it.

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Therapy start directly after the operation

It can be challenging, especially at home, not to lose motivation for repetition-intensive exercises. Therefore, we have developed varied and challenging games that you can control with the movement of your hand. Motivating games make therapy time go by faster and make it easy for you to stay on the ball permanently.


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AnyHand at home?

This is how it works

1. prescription by surgeon

Your surgeon will prescribe AnyHand using our prescription form. Please fill out the form and send it to us at [email protected].

2. BG approves AnyHand

We send various documents to your employers' liability insurance association. They make a case-by-case decision as to whether they will pay for the therapy. A good justification by the surgeon is crucial for this.

3. we deliver the AnyHand and train you

Once the AnyHand is approved, we will ship it to you as soon as possible. You will then receive detailed training from us, followed by close support during therapy.

4. collecting the AnyHand after the end of therapy.

When you have finished therapy with the AnyHand, we will pick it up again and prepare it for the next person.

Expert opinions

What hand therapy experts say about the AnyHand

Dr. Eric Hanke Hand Surgery Uni Mainz

There is no product on the market that can move patients' fingers as naturally as the AnyHand. LIME will be able to improve hand therapy in such a sustainable way.

Dr Eric Hanke

Head of Hand Surgery at the University Hospital Mainz

With the AnyHand, amazingly natural finger movements are possible. Patients will return to their everyday life faster due to the additional therapy time.

Anette Philipp

Practice management occupational therapy odenthal neuss

Anette Philipp
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No other product has convinced me as much as a hand therapist: the AnyHand is the implementation of what was developed as the ideal concept for hand injuries.

Anna-Lena Avenius

Hand therapist and owner of the Physioavenius practice in Hockenheim

The lateral guidance of each individual finger on the AnyHand is anatomically favourable, the pivot point close to the joint and thus the load on the respective joint is very low.

Beate Jung

Hand therapist and owner of the Ergo Jung practice in Munich

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Frequently asked questions

The AnyHand is basically suitable for the follow-up treatment of hand injuries to bones, tendons and ligaments. It can also be used for burns, Dupuytren's disease and CRPS, for example. In each case, the medical assessment of your individual case is decisive. You can find more information in the product demonstration or in the instructions for use.

The AnyHand performs natural hand movements from fist closure to hand extension, which is very important in the treatment of hand injuries. Because of the high complexity of the physiological movement, the AnyHand is unique on the market.

Maybe the AnyHand is already available in your hand therapy practice. If this is not the case, talk to your therapist about the AnyHand. We will be happy to get in touch with the practice team.

For a transitional period, it is possible to provide you with the AnyHand in a rental arrangement. However, this is a private service. We are working on including the home use of the AnyHand in the catalogue of the health insurance companies.

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