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Additional hand therapy

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Realise your therapeutic potential

The care of hand patients includes a large repertoire of therapy elements. If mobilisation takes up so much space that there is little time for anything else, not all aspects of hand rehabilitation can be applied. The AnyHand relieves you of passive and assistive mobilisation and you can concentrate on therapy elements where no technology in the world can hold a candle to you.

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More satisfied patients

The road back to independent daily life after a hand injury is long and arduous. Some of your patients are not satisfied with their progress. The few prescribed therapy sessions per week are not enough for them. AnyHand offers patients more therapy time to work on their progress at home and in the practice.

AnyHand also protects YOUR hands

Therapists themselves often suffer from osteoarthritis of the finger joints due to the constant strain of mobilising patients' hands. Our AnyHand can take over part of your physically stressful work. Save your health and energy so that you can stay in your profession for a long time and continue to help patients on their way with full commitment.

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Patients who also give their all at home

Some of your patients do not seem to follow the home exercises sufficiently. For some, motivation suffers during the weeks of recovery. Others lack an overview of the correct execution of the exercises. Our products support both of them and supervise the training at home: according to the programme you have set, they receive reminders, explanations on how to perform them as well as a motivating presentation of their successes so far.

The AnyHand at a glance

Dr. Eric Hanke Hand Surgery Uni Mainz

There is no product on the market that can move patients' fingers as naturally as the AnyHand. LIME will be able to improve hand therapy in such a sustainable way.

Dr Eric Hanke

Head of Hand Surgery at the University Hospital Mainz

The lateral guidance of each individual finger on the AnyHand is anatomically favourable, the pivot point close to the joint and thus the load on the respective joint is very low.

Beate Jung

Hand therapist and owner of the Ergo Jung practice in Munich

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Frequently asked questions from therapists

Currently, AnyHand can be billed via these prescriptions: Complex therapy of the hand, extended outpatient physiotherapy (EAP), physiotherapy (KG) on the apparatus. We are working hard to include hand therapy with AnyHand in the catalogue of health insurance companies in order to make billing in your practice as simple as possible.

No technology in the world can hold a candle to your experience, empathy and trained eye. It is impossible, and certainly not our goal, to replace your work with the AnyHand. Hand over the repetitive, physically demanding mobilisation exercises to the AnyHand. In this way, you can give your patients more therapy time and more of your therapeutic potential.

The AnyHand is basically suitable for the follow-up treatment of hand injuries to bones, tendons and ligaments. It can also be used for burns, Dupuytren's disease and CRPS, for example. In each case, the individual case is decisive. You can find more information in the product demonstration or in the instructions for use.

Therapy with the AnyHand can start within a minute: During the first treatment of a new patient, the hand size is measured and entered into the patient file in the AnyHand app. From the second treatment, the AnyHand automatically moves to the appropriate position. This makes it suitable for shorter therapy sessions, for example to fill therapy gaps in the daily clinic routine.

Before the AnyHand is used in your practice or clinic, your team will receive appropriate training to be able to work safely and also save time with the AnyHand. The connected app on the tablet or laptop also guides you step by step through the settings so that the start with the AnyHand can be as uncomplicated as possible. HERE you will find a video that shows you how to start quickly in everyday therapy.

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